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Top 10 Best Air Coolers 2020 in India.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers 2020 in India

Air coolers are economical and eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners. Their price range is Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 – which is 75% less than an air conditioner.

Some of the best indoor air cooler brands are Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton and Kenstar. To make sure you purchase the right air cooler, it is important to consider certain factors…

1. Crompton Greaves Ozone - White / Gray

Crompton Greaves brings our second product to this list in the long line of most influential air coolers in India.
Crompton Greaves has long established its reputation as a brand in the field of continuous service and manufacturing of some of the best air coolers and other electronic equipment, setting a standard in the market that many others follow trying.
Ozone Desert Air Cooler is the epitome of such products that bring this company to market with equal emphasis on both style and performance.
The water tank of this cooler has an impressive air capacity of around 75 liters and is best suited for cooling a room of about 550 square feet in size.
As a desert cooler, this device is very capable of reducing the temperature of a wide space when you are looking for optimal cooling performance in the peak of summer.
It is also highly energy efficient and works wonders in relation to managing your electricity bill so that you do not have to worry about power consumption while using this air cooler.
The special feature of this cooler is that it is equipped with a uniform flow dispenser. It is extremely complemented by separate ice chambers and motorized louvres that give you the best overall experience overall compared to many other air coolers found on the market.
Honeycomb cooling pad technology is characterized by the rapid movement of cold air to dilute the effects of hot air coming from outside. The delivery of air is at a rate of about 46000m3 / hr and the air is thrown to an average height of about 52 feet.
Other important specifications for this air cooler are a power consumption of about 190 watts and an operating voltage of about 230 V. Apart from this, it also comes with a 1-year warranty.
Our experts have carefully analyzed this product and have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best air coolers in the market and definitely worthy of investment.

2. Bajaj Platini Air Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler that is ideal for coastal areas, this makes the air cooler cut. With a capacity of 36 liters, it can server well for a small room size of 150 sqm. Is the meter. The super air delivery system ensures that the cool air circulates throughout the room. The medium sized tank ensures a longer cooling period.
3 speed fan control withstands the idea distribution of quiet air. If you are using this cooler in multiple rooms, the castor wheels make it easy to move between rooms. Body construction can be improved, plastic screws are used which can be replaced with metal screws.
Users like to provide this cool but have some reservations about the overall build quality. On average, this product enjoys a positive rating. The brand is well known and comes with a one-year warranty and therefore makes a good purchase.

3. Symphony Hichol I 31 - White

We will start this list with a thicker and tighter air cooler, which also has the necessary touch of elegance that gives you all the best features you should expect from a personal cooler.
One of the most effective cooling machines in the current market, this cooler is best suited to bring down the temperature of small places. It comes with a tank capacity of around 31 liters which is sufficient to cool a particular area or even more than most private rooms or spots.
This cooler is undeniably ideal for a small to medium-sized room of about 175 sq ft.
Symphony Hitchool i 31 liter air cooler uses sophisticated remote control technology which makes good use of Dura pump with honeycomb cooling pad and humidity control.
Coming in at a total weight of around 9 kg, it is a decent cooler if you want to take your device to different rooms. The wheels as well as the lightweight body make it highly portable and very easy to transport over long periods of time and with short distances.
The combination of intelligent technology and effective cooling mechanism has given this air cooler a great reputation which has propelled it to the forefront of the market. The cherry on the cake for this air cooler comes in the form of a high quality ice room that it is equipped with.
This ensures that the cooler can do its job despite rising temperatures and keep you cool throughout the day. For an air cooler of this size, it consumes a relatively small amount of power at around 185W.
It will also give you additional features like host of mosquito and dust protectors, auto louver movement, system restore function, multi-directional wheels, sleep-timer function.
Dura-pump technology ensures long-term durability and you can control the device speed as well as setting a timer when the device is required as an auto switch.
In addition, the cooler is capable of running on an inverter and therefore you do not need to worry in case of power cut because it includes that base. Considering the host of features available to you, it is perhaps not too surprising that this air cooler is being considered as one of the best in the market.

4. Cello Osum + - White

The third addition to this list is another example of a fast and highly functional air cooler that is considered the best in the market according to current market standards.
Cello Osoom + has succeeded in creating a loyal and dedicated customer base due to its innovative and multifunctional production technologies that not only give you high-performance air coolers, but also to reduce production costs at a very reasonable price. She gives.
With a water tank capacity of about 50 liters, this air cooler is capable of cooling large spaces spread over a distance of about 700 sq ft.
It manages to optimize the amount of water in the tank and distribute it adequately across the entire light and width of the room so that you can achieve a good comfort temperature that allows you to do the best work possible or the best quality of comfort Receives. Comfort of your home.
This Desert Air Cooler is an ideal choice for those who want the effect of cooling at a reasonable price, but are also concerned about the factor of high power consumption. Although it is a powerful cooler, it is extremely favorable when it comes to electricity usage and thus does not threaten to leave an gaping hole in your pocket at the end of the month when that electricity bill is found.
One of the most highlighting features of the cooler in particular is its attention to style and design, which is sure to give your room a much more aesthetic look and will basically fit in with a vibrant background design or wall color. Styling is based on international standards which is ideal for lovers of aesthetics. It has effective honeycomb style pads for cooling and is built into the water inlet as well as the back-castors.
The delivery speed is also quite impressive at around 5000m3 / hr with 3-speed motors and an equally powerful air throw that packs a significant punch and sends air up to a height of about 54 feet.
When all these things are considered collectively, we have got a deep insight into why this product is so popular in the market and justifies its position in this list as the best air coolers currently available in India Is one of

5. Symphony Diet 12T - White

The next cooler on this sit is of the symphony. A newcomer to the market on somewhat relative terms, the brand has earned a name for itself in a very short period of time and is now considered one of the simplest manufacturers of air coolers in India.
It is a personal cooler that is very well suited for single use for anyone with their own room.
This is an ideal option for those who are looking for a good quality of spot cooling or even to cool some small spots in their rooms with relative ease.
Coming in at a capacity of 12 liters, it is certainly very compact and it helps a lot in being mobile and easy to move from one place to another.
Such a tank capacity is mostly preferred for small to medium locations. This is more than enough for a room measuring 28 m3 / 1000 ft3.
The important thing to remember with this cooler is that you should leave a small amount of room for cross ventilation otherwise the cooler will not work properly and you will not feel the foremost effective effects of cooling.
We have already talked about its compact design and its effective portability. It is complemented by multi-directional wheels which is extremely useful in carrying it through tight locations without crashing into nearby furniture or equipment.
Honeycomb pads are also very well designed based on intelligent technology used to maneuver the air in various tasks. Weighing around 7 and a half kilos, it is very easily manageable for a single person and serves as a great transferable cooler.
Dura-pump technology is also great for managing air quality and controlling cold air in different directions. The Symphony Diet is also able to run comfortably on an inverter, so you have one less thing to worry about during a power cut. It has an average power consumption of about 170 W.
After careful and detailed consideration, we are convinced of the similarity and superiority of this that it is effective to consider the cooler as well as one of the best air coolers currently sold on the market.

6. Symphony Diet 22i - White

As you can guess from this list, Symphony Diet is an extremely popular brand in the world of air coolers in India and the latest model in our list is the 22i 22 liter air cooler remote control.
Continuing the long line of impressive air coolers, it comes with a water tank capacity of around 22 liters and is best suited for a small to medium room as one of the best smart cooling devices for household purposes. Serves in
High storage capacity is great because it does not ask you to do the cumbersome task of refilling time and time again. It is a perfect choice for a hot day as not only is it a cooler in general, but it also has an ice tray that always ensures better cooling in minutes.
Despite its sturdy frame, it is relatively light in weight and around 8 kg in weight which is sufficient for portability and transfer consideration.
The cold air of this air cooler can be felt from a distance of about 30 feet and you are also free to change the fan speed by reaching the cooling level option. In addition, the ultra-efficient honeycomb technology does a commendable job of absorbing hot air in the room.
You also get an auto louver movement option supplemented with an auto swing option that helps circulate cool air evenly throughout the room in all directions. This is definitely one of the most complete air coolers in this price range that you can expect to find.

7. Crompton Mystic Dlx 34 White-Gray

The Crompton Mystique DLX, ranked No. 6 on our list, is a perfect example of the next-gen air cooler, which is brilliantly suited for medium-sized rooms with an average area of   about 180 sq ft.
The perfect remedy for the harsh and asymmetrical summers of summer, the 34-liter water tank is highly useful as it provides you with long-term uninterrupted cooling without constantly having to refill the tank.
Using horizontal airflow technology that ensures smooth circulation of cold air that actually uses fresh air from outside to achieve the cooling effect.
It is important to make sure that you clear an open air source in the room otherwise you may not get the best cooling experience.
Delivering air at a speed of approximately 1450m3 / hr, it manages to cool a small room fairly quickly and also at relatively small amounts of power consumption.

8. Crompton Greaves Ozone - White / Maroon

Crompton Greaves ranks No. 7 on the site thanks to this Ozone 55 Letters Desert Air Cooler, one of the best in the market for large-sized rooms of about 550 sq ft.
Supply a consistent air delivery speed of approximately 4500m3 / hr with air throw height of up to 50 feet. It is a very economical winter of its power consumption as it consumes 190 watts with an operating velocity of about 230 watts.
If you are looking for a good priced coherent air cooler for large surface areas, this is definitely a good option that merits consideration.

9. Symphony Sumo White

One of the most luxurious air cooler symphonies on this list is classy.
The Sumo 45-liter air cooler is capable of uninterrupted continuous cooling for extended periods of time, and elements of the dura-pump technology work perfectly with the cool flow dispenser, and give you a best cooling effect with a Can throw powerful air that you can think of.
It comes with a powerful 16-inch fan that circulates evenly cool air throughout the room. The best part is that all this has been achieved with relatively low power consumption at 160 watts.
Equipped with multi-directional wheels and some of the best, this air cooler provides all the necessary features you may need and at a very affordable price.

10. Maharaja Whitline Atlanto CO-109 - White / Gray

The Maharaja Whitline Atlanto is the embodiment of CO-109 class and royalty as its 4-liter water tank is well suited for powerful and consistent air cooling.
Best suited for cooling medium sized rooms of about 600 square feet. Approximately it makes an average bearing considering the heavy wind speed of around 3100 m3 / hr that you can choose an air pied form three different levels.
For an air cooler of its size and capacity, it consumes 165 watts of power with an operating voltage of approximately 230–240 V. Highly durable, flexible and portable, this fine air cooler is considered to be one of the best in the current standard and is also available to buy at a very manageable price.


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